Don’t Bite the Hand that Feed You

14 12 2009

A few weeks back in the Toronto Star, I read an article discussing the production of “junk food”. The writer explained how corn and soybean fields surrounding London were the rot cause of the “junk food” craze and that local farmers were to blame for the growing population struggling with obesity. As a producer of the accused mastermind behind this scandal, it is almost entertaining to watch as this article ignores any other possible causes for this problem.

This article produces many flaws and the writer’s arguments can be dismissed after a little research. It is true that these commodities are processed into tasty snacks that eaten out of proportion can help increase your waste line. However, they are also used to produce every other type of processed food in the grocery store, many of which have the health approval of nutritionist everywhere. It is fascinating to discover how current technology these ears and pods are feeding our global population and with future research their use will continue to grow. The University of Guelph Food Science department is a great place to see how local food research is making a big impact on the advancement of all food technology. Researchers there are committed to making food healthier, safer with a lighter impact on the surrounding environment.

I would be lying if I didn’t admit to many devilish obsessions with potato chips or the sweet taste of an ice-cold root beer. The same food scientist have worked with the chemistry between all the candy wrappers to ensure that when I open them my mouth is engulfed in a flurry of incredible flavors. However, after downing three bags of Doritos’s in a afternoon, there might be some draw backs on my immediate and long term health. It is very difficult to blame the farmer who produced the raw ingredients or the producer who developed the product for the obesity problem in our population. An obese society is not a simple problem to fix, just as it did not simply happen. Instead of blindly pointing the responsibility finger at what appears to be the obvious cause, lets take a walk and think about how to answer the problem.–where-they-grow-our-junk-food