Legal Raw Milk? Give Your Head A Shake!!

21 01 2010

Today a Newmarket Justice of the Peace found Michael Schimdt not guilty of a long list of charges on his raw-milk operation.  The charges stem from a 2006 raid of his farm near Durham, Ontario.

Well, as you will probably discover soon anything dairy seems to spike my interest. This particular story in the news really caught my eye and is worth posting for everyone to see. Taking the example from a fellow blogger I am going to wait and compose my thoughts before I really let everyone know what I think about this issue.  Below you can find the link for today’s Globe and Mail.


Change Up at Queen’s Park – Meet Ontario’s New Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

19 01 2010

Ontario's New Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

 As the Ontario Legislature gets ready to sit for another winter session of governing, the Liberal Cabinet will have a new seating arrangement.  Premier Dalton McGuinty introduced his new cabinet ministers yesterday and there were some new faces for Ontario Agriculture.

 The Honorable Carol Mitchell will be taking the lead as the new Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.  Although this is her first term as a cabinet minister, she is not a stranger to the job at hand or Ontario Agriculture.  She represents the rural riding of Central Huron and has previously served as Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

    With this new announcement we must say so long to the Honorable Lenoa Dombrowsky, who will be moving the Ministry of Education.  She will be taking on the role as Cabinet Minister and will certainly be an asset for the education system in Ontario.      

Check out the rest of the Premier’s Cabinet changes at 

Learn more about our new Minister of Agriculture at 


Can’t Beat the Real Thing

18 01 2010


Chocolate milk rocks!!  But lately I have noticed a few changes in the dairy case at the grocery store and a few other retailers that have reminded me about how important it is to check the labelling on food products before cashing out at the register.  

Beatrice’s chocolate dairy beverage is a clever marketing label that can mislead consumers in to assuming that they are purchasing actual chocolate, when really they have a product that composed of a variety of milk components.  

As a self declared chocolate milk connoisseur, it was a shocking reminder about how important it is to pay attention to food labels before purchasing yet another imitation that just can’t beat the real thing.  

To read more about the logistics and differences between chocolate milk and chocolate dairy beverages, check out these links.

Apparently I’m not the only one who found this labelling inconvenient.  This blog post was a little more explicit with his findings.