Guelph students organize successful exchange with Oklahoma State University

29 03 2010

The following is a guest post from University of Guelph student Rebecca Hannam, who recently participated in an exchange with ag communications students at Oklahoma State University.

Members of CanACT, the Canadian Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow at the University of Guelph recently participated in a campus exchange program with Oklahoma State University (OSU).

CanACT members flew to Oklahoma earlier this semester to visit the OSU campus and learn more about agricultural communications. The trip allowed us to meet other passionate students and compare farming practices in Oklahoma with what we do here in Ontario.

The most rewarding portion of the exchange for me, however, was welcoming OSU students to Guelph to teach them about the Canadian agriculture industry. In addition to an afternoon in Niagara Falls and time spent on the University of Guelph campus, CanACT members showcased Ontario agriculture by organizing a day of farm tours during the Guelph portion of the exchange.

Stops at Gencor, Woodrill Ltd., the Ontario Cattlemen’s Association office, a beef feedlot and a family dairy farm were all on the agenda for our farm day. The itinerary allowed OSU students to meet active agricultural communicators and talk with crop, beef and dairy farmers during the tours.

“Seeing the diversity between production in the U.S. and Ontario was very interesting,” says OSU student Krista Anderson.

As an Ontario farm girl who grew up near Guelph, I was proud to welcome fellow young ag enthusiasts to the area and show off local farms and organizations. I hope that this initiative will inspire future exchanges so that other Ontario Agricultural College students can gain international perspectives in agriculture. Head]Head

Members of the University of Guelph CanACT and Oklahoma State University who participated recently in an exchange


Maple Syrup, what can’t it do?

25 03 2010

As if I needed any more encouragement to add some deep amber ammunition to my pancakes.  New research conducted by Rhode Island University have found a ton of new health benefiting nutrients packed into Canada’s favourite wedding favour.

Many of the newly found nutrients are anti-oxident are reported to have anti-cancer and anti-diatbes fighting qualities.  So next time your sitting down for a plate of flapjacks or french toast, load on the some pure maple syrup. You’ll be doing you health a favour and supporting maple syrup producers everywhere!

Once they get that syrup in them, they get all anti-oxident in their pants!

Cheese Please!!

24 03 2010

Alright, its true.  I love cheese, and this is almost a slap in the face to all the artisan cheese makers of the world have the talent to create the most incredible flavours known to crackers!

Cargill, which is one of the largest companies involved in food production in the world, (likely the largest), has developed an ingredient for the production of cheese that replaces the need for using any dairy product.  The product is named Lygomme™ACH Optimum and it was developed to produce a cheese like substitute for people with a dairy allergy.

I suppose I may be biased in my thinking since I am a dairy farmer without a dairy allergy and can enjoy a good block of cheese without having to worry about where the closest bathroom is.  But don’t expect me to be serving this impostor at the next pot luck, I’ll have nothing but the great smelly cheese!

My Approach to Blogging

24 03 2010

This is a few weeks old and I think there is no time then the present to put it out.  I was asked to write about my approach to blogging.  Although I am still quite green with this type of media, it is hard to ignore my biggest influence of media in how I blog.

Sunday nights in my household were usually spent watching 60 Minutes on CBS with my family.  It was my first introduction into many aspects of life and influenced the way I view journalism.

The creator, Don Hewitt has been credited with the creation of the way news is presented today.  His philosphy was simple, and could be described in 4 words, “Tell me a story”.  Don died last August and this January, 60 Minutes ran a episode about his career.  If you have a few minutes, watch the episode and see what he created, I guarantee you will not regret it.

All Corked Out

23 03 2010

What happens when you take 6 friends, on tightly packed crossover and tour them around the Niagara wine region for a lazy Sunday afternoon?  Chances are if you have never found yourself in this situation, you’ve never gone wine touring.

This weekend I was introduced to this new phenomenon that showcases a part of agriculture brings together the distinct character the surrounding environment and puts it into a bottle.  Each winery boasted about their accomplishments and how they had the secret to producing the best vintages.  It is incredible to see how with each winery the production and marketing can be so diverse.

While I am not a wine connoisseur at all, it was a great way to spend touring around the local wineries and a great way to spend time with friends.  Next time you head down the QEW with some extra time, take a few minutes to check out a part of agriculture that everyone enjoys.  Just remember, don’t drink and drive!!

Enjoy the unique climate of the Niagara Escarpment

Nothing Sweeter then Kisses

5 03 2010

Ever seen how chocolate is made?  Me too, but never quite like this.  It turns out that Hershey’s Chocolate marketing department was having a little fun, or a few too many Sam Adams on a Friday afternoon.  Take a look when you’ve got a few minutes.

This video caught my attention with its humorous look into industrial food processing, breaking down what consumers might find to be intimidating.  Although their aren’t any Hershey executives in the video, (sorry if I’m a spoiler) there are a few employees who help out in the dancing.   Take a few minutes to relax and enjoy.  You’ll probably find yourself shaking your head a little, but if it can work for Kiss’s, it could work for agriculture!

Glen Beck Approved !

1 03 2010

This past semester I have had the opportunity to be a member of the University of Guelph’s Canadian Agri-Marketing Association (CAMA) Student Chapter. Annually we compose an entry into the Marketing Competition at the National Agri-Marketing Association Annual Meeting against other University’s from around North America. While much of my studying in University has not been in marketing, this chance has opened up another area of interest to marketing agriculture to the consumer.
Marketing can sometimes walk a thin line between creative genius and complete stupidity. This is an interesting product that has the endorsement Glen Beck. I’ll let you make the decision of which side of the line this marketing strategy is on.