Cheese Please!!

24 03 2010

Alright, its true.  I love cheese, and this is almost a slap in the face to all the artisan cheese makers of the world have the talent to create the most incredible flavours known to crackers!

Cargill, which is one of the largest companies involved in food production in the world, (likely the largest), has developed an ingredient for the production of cheese that replaces the need for using any dairy product.  The product is named Lygomme™ACH Optimum and it was developed to produce a cheese like substitute for people with a dairy allergy.

I suppose I may be biased in my thinking since I am a dairy farmer without a dairy allergy and can enjoy a good block of cheese without having to worry about where the closest bathroom is.  But don’t expect me to be serving this impostor at the next pot luck, I’ll have nothing but the great smelly cheese!




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