How I Manage My Time

12 04 2010

Once again, this week’s edition of 60 Minutes on CBS featured Andy Rooney simplistic thought for the week.  While his theme didn’t have anything to do  with agriculture at all, it focused on a topic that I often feel like I’m wasting, or running out of some days, time.

His segment is only a minute and a half long so it doesn’t take much time to watch.  He goes on to say a lot of things that probably go against most of what we’ve been taught to do, but may not always be the best strategy for enjoying the grand scheme of life.  Considering the week I just had, it really seemed fitting that we all take a deep breath and enjoy the precent, because it will be gone before you know it.

A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney

Time Management, Andy Rooney Style


Raw Milk, again…

11 04 2010

The Debate on Raw Milk Continues

I’m really finding it hard  to go along with the notion that the benefits of raw milk out weigh (pun intended!) the chances of contracting food borne illness.  Cases like the this article show the reoccurrence of people becoming sick after drinking raw milk from bacteria infections are almost becoming as normal as the Leaf’s not making the playoffs.

Obviously there is demand for raw milk in Ontario, and normally I would support almost anything to expand the milk market here.  While many supporters the legalization point to other raw milk markets in the U.S. as places of progressive marketing, we really must remind them of how our food standards came to be in Ontario.  Our food safety standards were developed by leading the industry, not following.  Just sayin’.