As May Flowers Begin to Bloom…

4 05 2010

Wow, what a spring it has been already.  As I have been traveling down many roads in southwestern Ontario, the dust is flying from field to field with farmers working to get their spring planting into the ground.  It is hard to believe that as I write this on the night of May 3rd, I feel so far behind all other corn growers who already finished planting and are now well on their way to their soybean planting.

This growing season is already developing into another interesting year.  With its early start and lack of rain, with snow in the West and Quebec to warm weather in Ontario, we are sure to keep the coffee shops a buzz of tall tales and good rumours!! While everyones part in agriculture is different, I will share my part is.  Check back often to hear what I see, hear and do and how 2010 unfolds in agriculture.  Although I want to guarantee it will give a boost of up to 10% yield to your beans, I hope to guarantee it will give you a few chuckles to take ease the pain of when that 40% chance of isolated showers means your 200 acres of fresh cut hay.




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