The Truth About Canadian Milk

16 05 2010

Alright, this quick video clip sums up what makes us Canadian dairy farmers ROCK!!  Too often we Canadians can be mixed in with those crazy myths about how milk is produced like how cows are pumped full of steriods, treated terribly and how our milk is full of some awful things.  As producers, we know about our strict Canadian milk standards that ban hormones used to in dairy cows and how stringent food safety testing gets our milk to rise to the top when it comes to competing agains other countries.  The thing is, how do you do this in a quick explanation before the consumer stops caring about what you have to say!

Well this might just be the best answer!!

I found this video

on a legendary friends Facebook page who is working in Alberta for a dairy genetics company.  The video was made through the BC Milk Board and clears up most misconceptions about Canadian milk in less time then it takes to butter a slice of bread.  Next time your asked about hormones/steroids in Canadian milk or unethical treatment to animals on Canadian dairy farms, send those misinformed consumers over to this quick YouTube video for a quick and simple explanation.

And remember, drink milk, its good for both of us!!

The difference is in the bag. Photo credit to Dairy Farmers of Canada